Hey guys N gals!  My sincerest apologies for abandoning you (and the strip 😉 )  It seems I really bit off more than I could chew with the music video project.

Well, actually I bit off a huge chunk and then said how about this too? and this? Ooh, how does this sound? etc. etc.

So I eventually dug a pretty big hole for myself 😀 But other than being REALLY behind on the deadline, I’ve managed pretty well and luckily Julian (who also made a few appearances in the strip) has been taking it well.  The video is being shown as a “Work in Progress” on Saturday (the last day of school) to the kids who took part.

I’ll be hacking away on it past then and HOPEFULLY have it ready next week.

But I think I’ll be able to do some Married to my Wife as I work… 🙂