We watched “The Social Network” a while back and the picture I’ve had of Zuckerberg from interviews etc. of being a “My brain is bigger than yours so basically I can just tell you to screw yourself in a sarcastic, witty way” seems to be true.  People go on about how he’s a genius, but that’s not what I see him as.  Sure he has brains, but he made his fortune by climbing the backs of others and stabbing those backs as he passed them.  I’ve been in many situations where my ideas have been heavily borrowed or just downright stolen, so such big time jerks like Zuckerberg get no points from me.

My wife isn’t part of Facebook.  It’s not something she’s actively tried to avoid, she just hasn’t felt the need for it.  The whole networking thing has been pretty lost on me too.  I’ve managed to create my small network in other ways.  The many years I’ve been on Facebook and only ONCE has it helped me in a networking type of way.  Otherwise it’s just old friends who never want to REALLY talk to you and strangers who just want to break “Friend Records”

Facebook…. 😕


But… you know… don’t let that stop you from clicking the “LIKE” button. 😀