One of the first gross things I saw when we moved to Finland so many years ago, was a grown man eat his own snot.  He held one nostril and blew his nose onto the ground, wiped his nose with his fingers and… licked them!  Needless to say I was shocked beyond belief.  Young kids pick their nose and eat it, some beyond the “normal” age, but an adult!

He wasn’t the last either… and it wasn’t just something people out in the boonies do (that’s where we lived at first)  Just the other day, in Helsinki (the capital) the kids and I saw an average guy come out of a store blow his nose on the sidewalk, wipe it with his fingers and… lick them!

Gross as that is, you become somewhat “used” to seeing it from time to time.  When Theresa us about her school bus driver, I realized that someone had finally taken it to the next level.