NEVER…EVER… trust a person who smiles non-stop!! I knew from the very beginning that there was something fishy about this creepy character and unfortunately I was right.  The constant smile and “Life is a  basket of flowers” routine doesn’t work.

This just isn’t me being a sour-puss.  There’s ALWAYS something sinister behind that kind of smile.

So long story short… Kirsi’s employer wanted to change her contract to a much crappier one.  They came up with all kinds of crazy reasons, contradicting themselves several times.  Some of the reasons just made you go “Huh?”  Now, not having gotten anywhere, they went back to the start not wanting to lose face, came up with the same solutions Kirsi gave back then.  Thus turning this into a 2 month jerkaround.

Needless to say that just made matters worse.

This character is a person who has actually said that manipulation is a quality that should be cherished.  If you’ve ever seen a cliché scheming, manipulating, two-faced character in a movie… this is the real life version.  She even has the mandatory sidekicks… o_O

And the funny thing is, she refuses to acknowledge conflict of any kind.  It just doesn’t exist in her/their world.