So, first of all, in all honesty, that first place that called, hired someone else, but it was STILL closer than I’ve EVER gotten here in Finland despite busting my balls for the last decade or so.

Since my decision to chuck working in Finland, I’ve been contacted by  Denmark, Germany, Spain, Greece, New Zealand and a  few places in Sweden.

One might say that “I guess they have higher standards in Finland…”

Saying it doesn’t make it so… 😉

I guess I should also say that I was contacted (much after this spurt of foreign contacts) by Rovio ( the creators of Angry Birds) but other than visiting my site once a week for a month, I never heard from them again…

If you’re interested in what I actually do, here’s the link to my portfolio:  A Grain Of Sand

Since making this HUMONGOUS decision to look outside of the great and wonderful Finland for work,  life has taken a nice turn for the better… but more about that later… 😉

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