Many of you might not be familiar with the goings on of Conan O’brien, but one of his skits was “In the Year 2000”.  Back when we were coming up on the year 2000, they’d do a little comical bit where they’d dress up in these robes and do that song and then have comical/sarcastic remarks about celebrities and politicians etc in the year 2000.  They actually continued to do the skit AFTER the year 2000.

Here’s just one of them.

Now… our son Gabriel is something of a inventor.  He’s only seven so naturally everything he invents looks like it’s been done by a seven year old, but just the fact that he come up with these things is weird…

A few days ago he came up with “white electricity” that will enable him to talk with his friends. My wife and I both started to sing “In the year 2000” when he told us this.