Some of you know me from Heroes,inc. That’s the webcomic that started my journey into webcomics.   I think that most of you who read this strip probably aren’t into the whole superhero thing and that’s fine.  I have a pretty broad range of genre interest.  Everything from fantasy to superheroes to simple strips.

Anyways… the art and style of Heroes,inc. was at the other end of the genre style-o-meter when compared to Married to my Wife.  One page could take up to a couple days to get done.  And the plot twisting story of a alternate reality where the allies of WWII lost the war, was very time consuming.  Needless to say, pumping it out was a full time job.  A job that was actually just a hobby. There wasn’t any profit coming in.

So it was time to quit.

But people did love it.  I don’t think I ever had any negative feedback on it.  Time and again people wondered why I wasn’t working for one of the big two (Marvel, DC)  It’ll still be up for a while if feel like checking it out, but I intend on taking down the archives soon.  I’ll leave a few issues online.

The thing is, I truly believe that the original idea of using a webcomic to make a living has pretty much become impossible.  It was always hard to begin with, but now that the newness has worn off it’s not realistic at all. The whole, start with a webcomic, get people to then buy the paper version or collection etc. etc. is simply ridiculous.  I’m of the generation that enjoys reading paper comics and there isn’t any webcomic that I would buy in paper.  That’s not because I think they all stink.  Quite the opposite.  It’s just that  if I feel like reading it, I go online! And this is coming from a webcomic creator.

Now… Don’t worry, Married to my Wife will continue in it’s normal abnormal schedule.   This isn’t some depressed rant either.  This isn’t me trying to get your sympathy so you go out and buy something from me.

I just think that the webcomic should be used in more of a teaser/trailer type way.  Have the first issue or first 20 pages online, just enough to get people interested and then make them pay for the rest.

But like I said MTMW (as one reader calls this) will continue as usual.  This is our Twitter, our Facebook.

This is our little corner of Social Media and your all welcome to join us. 😉