Gone are the days when a quality camera was a big, clunky thing.  So before I get bombarded by comments concerning modern cameras, just let me say that  I’m aware that, as the title says, size doesn’t mean anything nowadays.

Julian’s camera worked great.  Sure, it didn’t have as many options and controls as my XL-1 and the depth of field wasn’t as cinematic as I would have liked, but the images were super clear and it worked out just fine.

Besides, with HD spreading like wildfire, my dusty old Canon XL-1 is becoming an antique.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford a new camera, but I have my eyes on a few “cheap” ones.  They’re full HD with excellent lenses, just the right amount of manual controls and to top it off it’s completely digital!  Everything goes onto cards, no more crappy DV tapes.

And yes… they fit in my palm. 😀 😀