First of all for those of you just stumbling in here… I don’t have Mesothelioma.  But I learned of one of our readers, Heather Von St.James who shortly after giving birth to their daughter, Lily Rose, was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a type of cancer that kills 90-95% of those who have it.  Fortunately she beat it and is now part of a support website where she tells her story and helps those in similar situations.

It seems that Cancer affects everyone at some point in their life, either directly or indirectly. I lost my Grandmother earlier this year and Kirsi lost her mother to a severe sickness so this is kind of  a current theme right now.

Here’s a link to Heather’s blog over at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Now I want to point out!!!

This is not some sob letter blog that asks for money at the end of it.  They’re there to inform and help people!  And Heather’s story is a good read even if this doesn’t directly affect you.  She beat cancer and is here to talk about it, that’s quite an achievement!