Wow!  I’ve been away for a while! A lot of things have been going on around here.  A lot of them will pop up in the strips, so all will be revealed in time. 😀

BUT… this one deserves a little explaining. For those of you not in the know, my name is Scott.  I also have lived in Finland for a majority of my life and “Scott” isn’t a Finnish name so I’ve had numerous nicknames.

Meatball isn’t one of them.

The second language of Finland is Swedish.  We live in a Swedish speaking area and my wife actually lived in Sweden as a kid so the language is bound to pop up now and then around here.

“Scott” isn’t that far from”Kött” (meat in Swedish) and that’s just a hop skip and a jump from “Köttbulle” which is… yes, Meatball.   

We all have nicknames. Some we like, some we hate and some that have a sentimental value. But hey, it beats “Hey… you!”

Aaaaanyways… It’s great to be back at the strip and I look forward to sharing my recent adventures.  All kinds of crazy stuff has been going on so stay tuned!