Yeah, so for those of you who don’t read the blog… shame on you! I’ve started work at a game company in Göteborg (Gothenburg. I just can’t get used to using that name) and life has once again taken a sudden turn.  Göteborg is in the south-west of Sweden so in global terms it’s just around the corner, but in more local terms, it definitely isn’t.  The trial period is  6 months and Kirsi will be working in Finland until spring.  So that means Ill be away from the family for quite some time.  Even with the occasion “cheap” flight it makes very difficult to come home. But if all goes well, this time next year the Austins will be moving to Sweden!

Well, with today’s technology, Skype etc. you might say, but it’s harder than you might think.  First of all I showed up when a majority of the staff were on vacation, so a lot of stuff (paperwork) couldn’t be done until they got back.  Second, I can’t get internet connection without a (swedish) social security number.  To get that done means some paperwork and possibly months of waiting.

So ALL internet stuff I do, (Skype chat with the wife, strip updates etc. ) is done on the worksite.  Luckily they’re a bunch of understanding people, but I can’t spend ALL day doing my personal stuff so…

Stick with me, there’ll be tidbits along the way and I’ll/we’ll be back!