Once again things are changing.  I know you readers are probably wondering “NOW WHAT!!??”  But that’s the way it is… I might be moving to Göteborg (or Gothenburg as it seems we say in English) For those of you who don’t know, it’s in the south of Sweden.

And what the heck do I want to move there for?

Well, it’s a big game company, it’s not in Finland and they want to hire me. 😀 I think those are three reasons good enough.  Nothing is 100% certain yet, but if all goes well, I shall go over for the trial period of six months and Kirsi and the kids will follow some months after that.  So yes that means some pretty HUGE amount of time away from the family. Besides the fact that Kirsi and I have basically been together 24/7 since we met (long before we were even a couple) and being away from the family for that long of a time will be pure hell, it also means that there will be fewer strips going up. I don’t even know if/when I’ll have my own computer/ internet.  These things might take some time and I hope that you (once again) understand, that if all of this happens, I’ll have a lot of things taking up my time.  Especially at the beginning.

I’m not sure how things will go, but I’ll keep you guys N’ gals posted.

(A little bit of collective finger cossing wouldn’t hurt either 😉 )