I FINALLY got internet.  The trouble I had to go through to get it though. They promised me a home connection from work, but that didn’t seem to be happening… So I planned to just get it myself.

Everywhere I went it was the same answer… “Sorry you need a Personnummer” In other words a social security number.  Everyone kept telling me that you can’t get one until all the immigration stuff is settled. But on the other hand I also need one to get PAID… so I dig around and find out that I can get a temporary social security number… WHOOHOO! I put the papers in and  a few days later I get it and off I go to  buy an internet subscription.

In goes my temporary social security number at the store computer and everything comes to a halt… “Oh… you have to be in the country for at least 8 months before you can have an internet connection”


A little more time goes by and then I find a “cheap” pre-paid connection at Gigantti.  I had to by the USB moden hub thingy as well, but by now I don’t care…

So now after almost 2 months I’m able to talk to the family without sky high telephone bills. 😀