So, first of all, it was a false alarm.  They weren’t moose flies, just small flying ants. But just the thought of them was enough to send Kirsi into a hysterical fit.  She didn’t even notice the audience.

So why are moose flies so creepy?

Well for many reasons. First of all, they look creepy.  When they land on you, they almost immediately drop their wings and crawl around like spiders.  They’re very flat and very hard and almost impossible to kill.  You have to either squeeze their heads off with your fingernails or roll them back and forth until they’re squashed.

And  they do bite though many say they leave people alone. They’re bite can last up to a year. Our son got bit on the scalp and a year later he still had an itchy, bloody bump on his head.

So it’s easy to not like them. Just look at this little guy.