So… the 26th of December Finland gets hit my the mother of storms.  Nothing but uprooted trees and fallen electric cable for kilometers around.  We were without electric for over five days!  I have to admit that I actually almost enjoyed the blackout.  We have our own fireplace downstairs and the weather was warm for this time of year.  The whole family slept downstairs in the dining room and living room.  You can light up a room quite a bit with candles.  I got lots of reading and drawing done (without my trusty tablet!!!) Other than the fish having no air or heat we go by pretty well.  My parents lend us their generator, but because of the cost of gas we could only use it a few times throughout the day.  But it was enough to keep the aquarium alive…

We got our electric back today (31st  of December), but no internet.  This blogpost is being done at friends’ house where we’re spending the New Year.

I don’t think they’ll fix our internet lines for some time, so I really can’t say when the updates will start again.

Hopefully soon.