As I’ve stated here and elsewhere, this strip is all based on true happenings in our family life.  Okay, the dog thing is just speculating, but still…

For the most part it’s all true.  You can choose to believe that or not.

Occasionally some of our friends will make appearances.  I haven’t ever asked their permission, because it’s all in good fun and they wouldn’t be our friends in the first place if they couldn’t take a joke.  Now occasionally there will be appearances by people who AREN’T our friends, but still have some sort of impact on our daily life.  Frankly speaking, I couldn’t care less if they like it or not.  The fact is though, that if someone does something outrageous enough to get a nasty poke from me in this strip, they’ve probably deserved it.  And more than likely without even having to exaggerate the situation.

So what I’m saying here is this:  These strips our from MY head, MY pen, not my wife’s or anyone else’s! If you have a beef take it up with me, but believe me, if you’re pointed out here, it’s for a reason. I’m a VERY easy going, diplomatic guy, but over the years I’ve grown a low tolerance for being jerked around. 


But… other than that… enjoy the strip. 😀