So… for the last couple of months I’ve been helping Kirsi work on the Nutcracker for her dance school.  This time instead of just helping out with some minor technical stuff (music, graphics etc) I agreed to actually be on stage in the role of Drosselmeier.  But I wasn’t about to be the only non-dancer on stage so Julian and Pablo were recruited.

It was fun!  Kirsi choreographed a dance for us and I got to dance with her.  The whole Austin family was on stage.  I was Drosselmeier, Kirsi was one of the parents and also did a Spanish dance, Amanda was a ragdoll, Theresa (and the other girls in her class) had three roles and Gabriel was The Nutcracker.  So I got to dance with him too.

Because of all of the hassle with the Fisakrs MLL foundation playing ego-maniacal Nazis last Autumn and trying to put a monkey wrench into everything, we decided to show them who’s who and  planned to make this the best show ever… and I think we succeeded.

So why did this take up so much of my time?  Well, besides practicing the dance I’ve been making digital backgrounds. Everything from snow to ballrooms to winter wonderlands.  I also made a lot of the props (puppets etc.) then there was the remixing of the music and if that wasn’t enough the night before the show I sat down and decided to try and get a program done.

But now it’s over and life continues… Sure it was stressful, but we had so much fun working together that we definitely plan on doing more.  If it was up to me that’s all we would do.  I’m a true believer that if you don’t enjoy your work change your job.