And the thing is, I knew exactly what movie she meant. 😀

And yes… it was crap too. This coming from a guy who loves special effects.  We movie goers have just been totally saturated in this new wave of “Videogame Movies”.

Out of the movies we’ve watched lately, Battleground: L.A. was one long videogame. Suckerpunch actually  jumped from one videogame genre to the next. I rolled my eyes at the new Spiderman trailer… all the “spidey action” was done “First Person Shooter” style. For those who don’t know what a First Person Shooter is… well, you can Google it. 😀  But seeing those scenes done that way with just flashes of  “our” Spiderman hands and “our” Spiderman reflection in the windows really irritated me.

Maybe I’m just getting old… Luckily Peter Jackson’s Hobbit will keep me satisfied for a while. 😉